Visible Learning+ Professional Learning Services

Put the research into practice with powerful professional learning


Visible Learning+ professional learning translates the groundbreaking Visible Learning research by Professor John Hattie into a practical model of inquiry and evaluation. Rather than a one-day workshop or a one-size-fits-all solution to school success, the Visible Learning+ School Impact Process is an evidence-based school-wide system improvement process. Connect and harmonize existing school and system initiatives, build internal capacity, and harness the collaborative energy of educators to accelerate student learning and maximize time, energy, resources, and impact with the School Impact Process.

School Impact Process

Build a Foundation

Engage with the high-impact practices from the Visible Learning research and learn how to collect evidence of the extent to which these practices are present in your school or classroom. Collect data from within your school or classroom for 60 days and create an action plan for your first impact cycle. Student and teacher learning becomes visible so you can see what is and isn’t working and focus your time on what works best to accelerate learning.

Enhance School Capability of High-Impact Practices

Learn to develop assessment-capable visible learners, calculate their effect size, embed high-impact practices in their classroom, give and receive effective feedback, understand the mindframes that have a high-impact on student learning, and create effective assessments that help them understand their impact.

Measure Growth

Learn to use various assessment tools to identify key areas of improvement. Measure the actual and perceived extent to which high-impact practices are present in your school. Results are then used to help identify the key elements to focus on for a completely customized professional learning action plan.

Build School and System Capability

Ensure that growth and effective changes are embedded in your school for long-term sustainability.

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